Exploring Tharn

Coming Together

Persephone, a guard for the city of Glen Melding, has been sent to Bammock, where she meets the elven cleric Dunarion, a worshiper of Hanali. Her job is to escort him to a small elven village about 20 miles southeast of Bammock. There, they will join forces with Arthdor, a druid versed in portals, to evaluate the threat from a the seemingly random formation of larger numbers of extra-planar portals forming and disappearing in the area.

Upon arriving in K’sharis, the party met up and set out to Pellidor’s Tower. Along the way they experienced some portal activity and were attacked by small elemental creatures. They found a force bubble had surrounded the tower, and more elemental creatures guarded the approach to this barrier. They battled the beings, and gathered what information they could.

The aura emanating from the barrier spread somewhat quickly, causing both elves and animals to become frenzied and wild. The party managed to save a group of children who were gathering berries, as they had become vicious and turned on each other. Hurriedly, they returned to K’sharis, where they related their findings to the village elders. They managed to erect a temporary ward and then retired to their council chambers to make further plans. The party was told to rest, as they would be needed the next day.

Arthdor’s grandmother, Mirellis, is the current leader of K’shar Asaallis in their village. The next morning, she informs the group that they have sent runners to Bammock requesting any available clerics to come and assist in erecting a barrier to prevent the expansion of the evil aura. She does not think that they can destroy it, but perhaps they can buy some time. She believes that the answer may be in records in Feralin, a village about eight days ride to the east. Mirellis’s tells them that the village was shunned by other elves once the residents started welcoming other races warmly. There has not been contact with Feralin since she was a young woman. She gives them a map of the best route to get there, and asks them to please hurry.



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