Exploring Tharn

Under the Temple Complex

Under the Temples

Going down the steps, the party comes to a large room, radiating extreme good. This appeared to be a workspace for the clerics of Tyr, Tempus, Helm, Ilmater and Lathander. There are work tables and desks. The sides of the rooms are lined with cabinets. Candles and torches are available. Lamp oil has evaporated, so lamps will not light. It appears that nobody has been in this room in many years. A thick layer of dust covers everything. Many priceless artifacts relating to the worship of these deities are here, including vestments, On the main table lies a parchment, apparently a note for whoever entered. (Handout). The area appears to be about as big as the courtyard above, with doors leading off the center of each side. They are locked with mundane locks (DC 20), but also held with wards protecting from evil. A large altar with a statue of Helm dominating it is centered on the stairway. Most of the items are specific to the religions represented here and are best left to clerics of those religions. There is a supply of incense (3 lb) in one cupboard, 15 quills, 62 sheets of parchment for creating scrolls. There are a number of books detailing the history of the city and surrounding area, the worship of various gods (especially the four in this temple), and a detailed account ledger for the upkeep and running of this portion of the temple complex. There are also two shelves holding novels and assorted leisure reading.

If the recessed altar to Ilmater is examined (DC 30), there is a catch. It releases a counterweight which causes the altar to lift about three feet, revealing a strongbox (DC 30 to disarm, 30 to open – Trap is dagger – 1d6 damage, reflex 20 to save for 1/2). Tithings and monetary offerings to Ilmater were stored here until they could be doled out to serve the poor and afflicted. There are 5 PP, 178 GP, 600 SP. Copper was routinely taken immediately and dispensed to the beggars in the city.

On the shelves next to the altar to Lathander, a DC 20 search turns up three books related to portals and other planes. If they are removed, there is three sheets of folded parchments detailing one of the priests research into why there was a sudden surge in portal activity. He found that a group of outsiders were attempting to extend their realms to the material plane. He was unable to determine the leader of the plot, but felt that he was using many different factions on different planes to achieve his goal.

Area 2 & 4: This door leads to the west, towards the city and under the temple of Tyr. The area is larger than that above it, and contains cooking facilities, a washroom and and a dining hall. A listen check of 15 will reveal creatures moving about before opening the door. A party of drow have taken up residence here. They have been attempting to determine a way to defeat the various wards blocking their way into the temple workroom. They are not expecting anybody to have access to this area, so are not listening for sounds coming from there. Unless they pull something extremely stupid, the party should have surprise when they open this door.

Drow Party

(2) Drow Clerics to Calaxius (Drow Nobles) (3) Drow Guards (1) Drow Mage

At the start, two guards are in the kitchen. The remaining drow are in the dining room. When they hear fighting, they will come to assist. One cleric will cast bless, while one will cast divine favor on himself. The mage will attempt to dazzle the strongest party member.

Treasure: – Three masterwork scimitars, three sets of drow chainmail, 82 Drow GP, 56 Drow SP, 2 Drow Rapiers (+1, but disintegrate on exposure to sunlight), 2 masterwork breastplates, 2 steel shields bearing the crest of House Ghilana, wand of cure light wounds (18 charges), six potions of inivisibility, one spellbook, a small triptych portrait stand of an impressive male drow cleric, a female drow, and the third is three drow children, three holy symbols to an unidentifiable god, three journals, all written in drow, orders in drow to find the statues and claim the workroom, a roughly sketched map of the under passages.

These drow have made camp in this dining room, and thus all of their gear is found here, as well as that of the guard and three duergar slaves who are working below to unearth the buried artifacts.

Area 5 is the tunnel leading to the city. It is fairly well marked so finding Srkabos Well should be relatively easy. There are many branching paths. There are also patrols of 2 Drow Guards and 1 Duergar Fighter (1-3 on a D20; 4 – earth mephit, 5-fire elemental, 6 – 5 dire rats)

Area 7 has not been disturbed since the workroom was sealed. The dead body of two priests (both Tempus) have been placed to rest on beds here. Chests at the end of each bed contain personal items (clothes, letters, jewelry, money, books, etc).

Area 8 is a series of bedrooms for families. They are each furnished to the taste of the occupant, and many contain items of value, though mostly mundane. One room has the skeletons of three small children, apparently left here by their parents and nobody found them after the cataclysm.

Area 9 is a tunnel that lead to the village that used to be on the far side of the moat. Many of the temple staff lived there. The tunnel has collapsed just before the moat. There is no trace of the village.

Area 10 was a lab for making potions, poultices and the like. It has been ransacked by the drow. In a secret compartment under the table (DC 30) are 10 potions -

2 Iron Body 4 Cure Moderate Wounds 1 Miracle 3 Neutralize Poison

There is also a small box containing five dragon scales (each worth 10 GP) which could be used for a spell component

Area 11 is a large grotto. It has tunnels to both levels of the underpassages. This was a favored area for the dwarves, and the clerics to Moradin had a living area at the far end of this. Duergar have now taken over this area, though they are all considered to have allegiance to the drow. There are 10 fighters, 2 Sgts and a Lt. They have been practicing combat against a group of very poorly equipped slaves (mostly goblins), and are all armed and armored. The Lt is wearing +1 plate, carrying a +2 warhammer (+3 vs drow). The sgts are each wearing scalemail and carrying a +1 warhammer

Area 12 is a fresh water lake with fish and vegetation. It appears that the duergar have been cleaning this area up, removing overgrowth and putting it in a very neat order.

Area 13 is now the sleeping quarters for the leaders of the duergar. There belongings can be found here. They have defaced the references to Moradin and added a small shrine to Laduguer, along with icons to a large, horned drow male. There is also a cache of letters from a female duergar to one of the Sgt’s.

Area 14 and 15 are both dormitories for single workers at the complex.

Third level: The first room one comes to is a storeroom. It contained food, old furniture, items for seasonal ceremonies and the like. There is nothing of real value stored here.

Next is the Priests Burial Chambers. The coffins here have been looted. A Drow Guard and three duergar slaves are working to dig out a portion of the central column. Depending on how long the party takes getting here, they may have removed the items they are searching for. They have a 20% chance of causing the area above to collapse into this chamber. The next chamber is the Royal Resting Place. This area is guarded by a pair of caraytid columns. They have been given orders to allow anybody to pay respects to the dead here, but attack those who might disturb them unless they are specifically wearing the holy symbol of Helm.

The guard is the youngest son of the patriarch of his house. Unknown to his family, he is a secret worhshipper of Eilistraee. While outwardly appearing to follow his father’s path with this strange new god, he is secretly against this course. He will tell the party what he can about the new god and his requests, though he has limited information.



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