• Erlindal K'Chas

    Erlindal K'Chas

    The half-brother of Mirellis, he was left behind in the village of Feralin when he fell in love with a human woman. He has not been heard from in many years.
  • Lord Elryn Altruel

    Lord Elryn Altruel

    The newest member of Bammock's Lord's Council, he is constantly on the lookout for adventurers to sponsor.
  • Mirellis


    Mirellis is a stately wool elf elder. Her presence is both commanding and reassuring at the same time.
  • Princess Regine Clarst

    Princess Regine Clarst

    A slender young woman with a flair for bright colors, Regine is regal in bearing, but light in mood.