Lord Elryn Altruel

The newest member of Bammock's Lord's Council, he is constantly on the lookout for adventurers to sponsor.


Level 18 Paladin (retired)

Alignment LG


Lord Altruel finds his role in the city of Bammock intriguing. Summoned here by wizards working for the King’s Mayor, he is to be a truly impartial outsider in the politics of the city. His previous life as a retired adventurer is a plus, as he has not been reliant on any one set of businesses for his happiness. Due to injuries suffered during a campaign against the Cult of the Dragon in Sembia, he was forced to stop adventuring.

He has always been known as a champion of what is right and good, which causes him to want to use his wealth to promote these in his new home. This land, for some reason, has not spawned adventuring companies. It is Lord Altruel’s desire to sponsor a company of adventurers who will fight for justice in the Desker River valley. To date, he has started several such groups, but each has fallen apart in bad circumstances. The last such endeavor led to his home being destroyed by the local thieve’s guild.

Lord Elryn Altruel

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