Erlindal K'Chas

The half-brother of Mirellis, he was left behind in the village of Feralin when he fell in love with a human woman. He has not been heard from in many years.


Erlindal K’Chas was a young wood elf dedicated to learning all there was to know about the world, with an emphasis on other planes. He, along with other members of the K’shar Asaallis were in route to investigate mysterious activities near Pellidor’s Tower. During a stop in the village of Feralin, he met and instantly fell in love with a human woman. Forsaking his family, he stayed behind. Nothing has been heard from him since.

He was named after his paternal grandfather, Erlindal the Green, a leader of the K’shar Asaallis. He was to inherit his grandfather’s weapon when his father died, but as he was not there, it went to Arthdor.

Erlindal K'Chas

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