Mirellis is a stately wool elf elder. Her presence is both commanding and reassuring at the same time.


K’Shar is an elven village about a days ride south of the city of Bammock and half a day west of the Desker River. The village was settled about 300 years ago by representatives of the K’shar Asaallis (Planar Protectors), as guided by a group of celestials attempting to prevent outsiders from conquering the material plane. Amongst the elves who settled here were a young acolyte of the K’shar, Mirellis. She was a young woman learning the procedures of the group. She was assigned to watch the wizard of the castle south of her new home, and easily gained employment assisting in his gardens, using her knowledge gained prior to moving here. In the evenings she returned to the new village of K’Shar and studied nature, planes, and methods of detecting and preventing incursions. She learned that several of the herbs she was tending were from other planes and could be used in opening a portal. One morning she arrived at the garden and discovered that all of the plants had been roughly harvested. She managed to get back to her village and notify the elders, who sent out a war party to take action. Others hastily began casting wards to protect their new home. The young elf wanted to go to the village and see what she could do to help, but was not allowed to do so. Late in the day a series of loud “Booms” were heard from the direction of the castle. A wave of energy passed over the area, buffeting trees and bushes outside of the elven wards. Over time, there were more explosions coming from other areas further away, with more waves of energy, weakening the wards substantially, lasting into the night. By morning, most of the trees had been knocked down. A reconnaissance party went out and checked the area. Most of the animals had been destroyed, the castle and surrounding village were unharmed, but the residents were missing, as were the warriors sent to stop the wizard. Further exploration found other cities and towns had been destroyed or the people were killed. There was evidence of strong planar energies having been expended, but apparently the incursion had been stopped. The guardians began the task of investigating the castle and finding out what happened. The wizard seemed to have been trying to open multiple portals at once in conjunction with wizards in other cities, allowing many foreign creatures to pour through to the material plane. While little is known about what happened in the other locations, it appears that the K’shar Asaallis managed to stop this instance in the nick of time. Nobody knows what happened to the wizard, the elves, or the residents of the surrounding area. The guardians have spent the past 300 years trying to prevent further instances of planar incursion from happening, and are afraid that the wizard will find a way back.

Mirellis is Arthdor’s grandmother. She was very insistent that he embark on the guardian path. She is one of the few remaining elves from the time of the original troubles. As time has passed without incident, the younger generations have stopped taking the threat seriously. While tending nature and the druid life is accepted, and Mirellis is a revered elder, many find the idea of the K’shar Asaallis to be a waste of time. New rumors have surrounded the castle, of ghosts and haunts. These are mostly spread by the K’shar to keep people from entering it, though now even they have made it a place to be avoided.

She misses her half-brother, Erlindal K’Chas, but family prejudices have stopped her from contacting him. She has mentioned him in passing to Arthdor, and his sword is named for their grandfather, who he was named after.


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