Princess Regine Clarst

A slender young woman with a flair for bright colors, Regine is regal in bearing, but light in mood.


Level 3 Rogue


Princess Regine Clarst of Glenn Melding is the niece of the king. It is a poorly kept secret that she likes to “acquire” items that do not belong to her for amusement. A grand costume ball was being thrown in honor of a visiting duchess. On the evening of the ball, her costume went missing. She had to scramble to find something to wear, and ended up going as a scullery maid, which humiliated her. Regine appeared at the ball wearing a costume identical to the one the duchess was to have worn. Unable to cover up this apparent theft, the king sent his niece on a “mission” to discover the situation with the portals appearing in the region south of Bammock.

Persephone’s mother is Regine’s aunt.

Princess Regine Clarst

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