Exploring Tharn

Leaving K'sharis

Before leaving, a cleric of Hanali asks to speak privately with Dunarion. He has a gift for him, a special item that has been carefully stored away, awaiting the proper recipient. He had a dream the night before, telling him to pass it on at this time. The item, known simply as Symbol of Unconditional Love , is a special holy symbol. He also asks Dunarion to try and find a sculpture that went missing may years ago. It was last seen in an ancient temple complex the party would pass on their journey.

Prior to their leaving, a young human woman dressed in bright green armor and a scarlet riding cloak arrives on horseback. This is Princess Regine Clarst, Niece of the king of Glenn Melding. She has been sent to aid the party, as well as to remove her from the city until a scandal she was involved in blows over. She has a longsword from the family vaults for Persephone. This is Voidstalker, which it is believed should be of some use on this mission.

Mirellis gives Arthdor Directions to Feralin and the party sets out.

The first day of travel was fairly mundane, as the party passed through lands controlled by the village. Early on the second day the party crossed a stream where the old stone road starts. There were remains of a small bridge here. On the K’Sharis side, the road itself curved to the southwest, going towards Pellidor’s Tower.

The group disturbed two young black bears who are looking for food. Arthdor and Zoe (his bear companion) managed to communicate enough with the bears to prevent an attack and feed them. Investigation along the bank of the river found the mother’s butchered body about 500’ downstream, as well as the body of a goblin who had been mauled by the bear. Footprints of four other goblins, plus a larger biped lead a slightly roundabout path to the road. While some members of the party wished to tend to the bears and make sure they would be okay, it was determined that their current mission was too important to spend time tending the cubs.

Shortly after leaving the crossing, The Red Spire came into view. Sitting atop a hill some distance away, it appeared to be made of glowing rose-colored stone floating in mid-air. As the party gets closer, they were alble to see it is a hollow structure missing some of the sheathing on the outside. About half way there, they came across the remains of several rabbits, which appeared to have been killed by goblins. They then noticed a dead goblin off to the side. While examining the dead goblin, they were attacked by three Earth Weasels, a creature that appears to be created by the corruption of a regular creature by elemental forces. The party bravely fights these planar-tainted beings and move on.

Nearing a bend in the road, the party heard noise ahead. Arthdor scouted ahead and noted that there was a goblin encampment at the base of the spire. He also noted several gnolls guarding the entrance to the spire itself. There was also a large pile of debris, apparently hauled from inside the structure, and two ramshackle buildings nearby. Inside is a stairway leading both up and down. Up rises inside the spire, an ancient spire (555.5’ tall, 55.5’ per side at base, 34.5’ per side at top) with a strange metal frame construction inside, with a stairway leading up, and heavy rose-colored glass panels covering the outside. Many of the panels have fallen or been removed over the centuries. There were apparently five levels inside the building, but the floors of the middle three have rotted away. They seem to have been carted out during the recent exploration. The top level has been reinforced recently and is being used as a lookout. The temple complex to the southeast is visible from here.

There are a total of 32 goblins here. Four are warchanters, five are commandos, one is a druid (Gogmurt pg 35), and there is one warchief (p 40) – the remaining 21 are regular goblin warriors. They have six goblin wardogs with them. There are six gnolls. Four are standard gnolls, one is an elite commando, and the remaining one is a cleric to Set (domains Evil and Darkness).

On the third level up on the stairways is a raised platform with four chests. These are all magically locked and trapped (DC 30 each).

At the top, the party can see for quite some distance. To the southwest, about five miles away, can be seen the ruins of an old temple complex on the edge of a ruined city. Just this side is a river. A vague pathway can be seen through the forest from here to there. It is possible to make out the vague form of other ruins in the forest between the two points, but these aren’t covered here.

The stairway down uses the Catacombs of Wrath as a jumping off point. The stairway enters at B5 (p 26). Evidence suggests that this was originally built as a temple to Lathander (the Morning Lord), but has been reconsecrated to Set. The cave portions are not included in this adventure. This complex was originally all above ground, but most of it excluding the spire has been buried during. This was actually done on purpose by clerics of Set who took this over sometime before the last cataclysm. Only the spire was left exposed as a reminder of the power of the Settites. During the cataclysm, the energy washing over turned the inhabitants into undead, mostly zombies and skeletons. However, there are a few higher undead remaining in the underground areas. The gnolls recently discovered the whereabouts of this temple and sent a team to excavate it. While currently off the beaten track, they see this as region as being someplace they should have a foothold.

Before going underground, the party will attain second level. Much of the underground portion seems to have been built on a hillside originally, which explains the many levels. From B3 on seems to be have been underground access tunnels, allowing the original inhabitants to move about freely even in inclement weather. In some places there are passages that look to have been blocked off by cave ins. At the base of the stairs are a pair of guards, one goblin and one gnoll. they are aware of the party’s descent and are waiting for them. As there is not much of a hiding place, the party needs a perception check of DC 10 to see them. Also, the party gets the high ground advantage.

At B4 (Washing Pool), there is a pair of vargouille’s, trapped here during the cataclysm. Originally trapped here, they have become pets of sort, being fed an offering of goblins and slaves during the course of the excavations. Boarded up windows can be seen to either side of this chamber. The passage leading east appears to have been the entrance to the service tunnels under the complex.

B3 features a statue that was at one time dedicated to Lathander. Much of it still appears to be the Morninglord with his hands spread wide. However, at some point the head was hacked off and a new one, crudely carved to resemble Set, was put in its place. This area has an evil aura (treat as unhallowed) and is currently guraded by a gnoll cleric.

B2 is pretty much what as it appears in the original adventure. However, the passage leading to it is guarded by two zombies, each wearing scale and wielding a long sword. One has an ornately carved holy symbol of Set. Inside the store room, should the party search it, are several very old books regarding the worship of Lathander, as well as a box containing 9 holy symbols. There is also a chest with three intact rose-colored robes that would have been worn by the original church members. This appears to have been where the religious items of the Lathanderites were dumped when it was taken over and dedicated to Set.

B6 does not have the catwalks. It appears to have originally been a dormitory for the servants of the original temple. The Settites then used it for their quarters. It is now being used by the gnolls as a holding pen for slaves to clear this complex. Their are two dwarves and an elf remaining. The others have died. There is a table and with a pair of chairs, where a gnoll commando and warrior are playing cards. They are supposed to be guarding the prisoners, but may be complacent depending on how loud the party has been. One cell has been blessed by a cleric of Mieliki, who subsequently died in here. His remains are still here, as none of the evil folks will come in. One has a medium water elemental in it. There are skeletal remains in two of the other cells as well, which are awaiting the attention of a cleric to animate them.

B7 was once a kitchen. Once the living staff died, it was replaced with a torture chamber. The undead watched for the occasional traveler on the road above and brought them here to torture and then sacrifice them to their foul god. This area is replete with ancient and disused torture equipment. Two gnoll clerics and a zombie servant are here. The study has been somewhat cleaned up. While most of the books have been destroyed over time, two have been salvaged and would be worth a lot to a collector. One is a treatise on the building of this structure, and the other is a diary of the head cleric during the time this area was taken over.

B9 is basically as described.

B10 does not exist

B11 is pretty much what it sounds like here.

B12 is a shrine to an unknown deity. It appears to be more demon than god, but it is difficult to identify it from what is seen here. There is also a remains of a door to what was the exterior on the south side

B13 is a cathedral that was formerly dedicated to Lathander. The statue that was formerly sitting in the throne above has been chopped apart and crudely moved down to this location. The legs are missing, but the rest has been propped up to be upright. The legs were melted down and formed into a mask of Set. This in the center of the pool, which is filled with filthy water and dead goblins. There are two gnoll clerics in here, as well as two commandos and four regular gnolls. A summoning circle is under construction behind the altar. If it is allowed to be finished, two dretchs will come through.

Coming Together

Persephone, a guard for the city of Glen Melding, has been sent to Bammock, where she meets the elven cleric Dunarion, a worshiper of Hanali. Her job is to escort him to a small elven village about 20 miles southeast of Bammock. There, they will join forces with Arthdor, a druid versed in portals, to evaluate the threat from a the seemingly random formation of larger numbers of extra-planar portals forming and disappearing in the area.

Upon arriving in K’sharis, the party met up and set out to Pellidor’s Tower. Along the way they experienced some portal activity and were attacked by small elemental creatures. They found a force bubble had surrounded the tower, and more elemental creatures guarded the approach to this barrier. They battled the beings, and gathered what information they could.

The aura emanating from the barrier spread somewhat quickly, causing both elves and animals to become frenzied and wild. The party managed to save a group of children who were gathering berries, as they had become vicious and turned on each other. Hurriedly, they returned to K’sharis, where they related their findings to the village elders. They managed to erect a temporary ward and then retired to their council chambers to make further plans. The party was told to rest, as they would be needed the next day.

Arthdor’s grandmother, Mirellis, is the current leader of K’shar Asaallis in their village. The next morning, she informs the group that they have sent runners to Bammock requesting any available clerics to come and assist in erecting a barrier to prevent the expansion of the evil aura. She does not think that they can destroy it, but perhaps they can buy some time. She believes that the answer may be in records in Feralin, a village about eight days ride to the east. Mirellis’s tells them that the village was shunned by other elves once the residents started welcoming other races warmly. There has not been contact with Feralin since she was a young woman. She gives them a map of the best route to get there, and asks them to please hurry.


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