Bammock is the southern most city on the Desker River at this time. It is a major trading city, as well as jumping off point for adventurer’s. Though nearly 200 years old, it is still considered something of a frontier city, lacking many amenities that people in the older settlements find commonplace.

This city is ruled by the King’s Mayor, a hereditary title and position, and the Lord’s Council. There are seven members of the Lord’s Council, four appointed by the King’s Mayor and three elected by popular vote.

The Barncastle family has held the mayorship of Bammock since the city was founded 194 years ago by an expedition sent from Glen Melding to the north. The current King’s Mayor is very involved with governing the city, though this has not been the case with all of his ancestors. He hopes that his only son, Mishal, will prepare to take his place, though the boy is currently studying at the Academia Magicka in Watership Downs.

The newest member of the Lord’s Council is Lord Elryn Altruel, an appointee recommended to King’s Mayor Barncastle by several advisor’s. Lord Altruel is unique in that he is an elf and was summoned by wizard’s from Faerun. Therefore, he is very much an outsider who is still trying to find his feet in the city, but has no allegiances to the various factions in the city.


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