Character Creation

Character creation uses a 4d6 method. In creating a character, role 4d6, reroll any 1s and then drop the lowest number. Make three columns of six scores, selecting the best column for the character. Let me see the numbers and I will choose one of them to adjust to an 18. Assign the scores as best fits the character and adjust for race.

Starting hit points are based on an alternate listed in the Beta version of the Pathfinder book. Each character starts with twice their class base hit points plus their constitution modifier. After that, they are rolled normally.

Monks are not found in this world. I am sorry, but they just don’t fit in with the flavor of it. There are no dwarven wizards or sorcerers, due to an ancient catastrophe.

I prefer characters have a component of “Good” in their alignment. I have had too many bad experiences with people taking a neutral alignment and using it to justify being selfish and borderline evil.

Paladins can be lawful, neutral or chaotic good, as long as their alignment matches their deity. Clerics must be within one step of their god. A listing of available deities can be found here. All characters should have one god they claim as their major deity.

Gear and funds tend to be adjusted as fits the starting character concept and adventure. Start with good basic armor and a set of weapons appropriate to the race and class. I will give the character one or two special items as well, generally some kind of family heirloom, to begin with. I prefer that weapons and armor start on the low end, so that fighting the initial creatures isn’t a total cakewalk.

Each player gets one craft or profession skill at max level starting at the beginning. This gives allows them to have further interests and abilities beyond just their class.

Character Creation

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