Desker River

The Desker River is the longest river in Tharn. It empties in the north at the city of Watership Downs, and travels for approximately 2,000 miles to it’s headwaters where The Graces and the Weathered Wall meet at the southern point of the continent. The region where the river originates is a rough, treacherous area that rebuffs all attempts at exploration. It is rumored that the fabled Godshome is located here.

The first 850 miles of the river are relatively safe, passing through settled regions. It is the major highway for trade amongst the peoples living in the valley. However, once passed the city of Bammock, the waters become more hazardous, as people tend to be exploring the regions to the east and west of the river over those to the south. There is an elven village, K’sharis, in the forests about twenty miles southwest of the Bammock.

A steamboat service runs between Watership Downs and Bammock. This is an eight day trip, with the boats travelling about 100 miles a day, stopping in a city each night.

It is well known that this river valley has given rise to a number of human civilizations over time. However, records on these are scant, at best, as is the causes of each one’s fall. This region has been settled slowly because of the large number of dangerous ruins, falling in from lack of repair and full of monsters of all sorts. Only the city of Watership Downs has been occupied consistently throughout the ages, even it has seen it’s population rise and fall dramatically with the empires down river.

Desker River

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