Geography of Tharn

Tharn1^ is a large continent located in the southern hemisphere of the planet Aber-Toril. It is shaped much like a human heart, measuring approximately 2200 miles at it’s longest (north to south axis) and approximately 3200 miles across at it’s widest (east to west).

The heart of the continent is the Desker River, which consists of both the 2000 mile long river and the valley it flows through. It is bordered by The Graces on the west and the Weathered Wall to the east. Deep below the southern peaks of the Weathered Wall lies the drow city of Praxis, as well as Gralnus Stonghold, an ancient and well guarded dwarven city.

A mountain range running from the Weathered Wall to the east coast, about 600 miles south of the northern edge of the continent, is known as the Carabella’s. This area has created a verdant, hilly area known as Arabella. At the point where the mountains meet the sea is the city of Ptolus2^. A rocky promontory curves around from the northeastern shore of this region, much like an artery. It is cold and forbidding, mostly inhabited by goblins and the like. The sea has managed to break through this 100 mile long wall, leaving an island at the end. This is where one finds Shalana, the city of the dead.

To the south of the Carabella’s, one finds the Sands of Struggle, a desert region where only the hardiest survive. It is hemmed in by mountains to the west and north and the Sea of Mysteries to the south. Coastal jungles and forests make up the eastern side of this region. The only settlement of note is Mirabella, nestled on the north shore of the sea.

South of the Sea of Mysteries is the Ageless Forest, home of the elves since time began. Few non-elves are found within the confines of this wild area.

The western edge of the continent is more densely populated than other regions. To the north are the Black Marshes and the city of Bleak, perhaps the most evil area on Tharn. Further south is the gnomish city of Mechia and Belnir’s Hold, both on the Crystal River. Further south is the Laughing River and Happy Home, where halflings are numerous.


1 For those of you lucky enough to have the Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas, I have used the large continent located opposite Faerun.

2 This city has yet to be explored by players, but is based on Ptolus by Monte Cook.

Geography of Tharn

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