Races of Tharn

There are several races populating this continent. Many of them have their own homelands and prejudices based upon centuries of life here.

Dwarves are rarely found outside of their homes in The Graces and the Weathered Wall.

Elves, both High and Wild, make their homes in the vast tracts of land known as the Ageless Forest, separated from other races by the Weathered Wall to the west and the Sea of Mysteries to the north.

Gnomes tend to be found scattered throughout the lands, but are predominantly around the city of Mechia in the west and Arabella to the east.

Half-Elves, while rare, can be found living along the Desker River and more rarely in the high elf cities in the Ageless Forest. There are also a small number in cities with elven embassies.

Half-Orcs tend to come from settlements along either The Graces or the Weathered Wall, or the northern slopes of the Carabella mountains.

The halfling homeland is on the southwestern are of the continent along the Laughing River in a an area known as Happy Home.

Humans are both the one of the youngest races on Tharn and the most populous. They are found throughout the northern settled regions, as well as in small numbers in the wild areas.

Races of Tharn

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