The Red Spire

The Red Spire is visible from a great distance, rising above the rolling hills and forests of this region. It is made of a polished ruby colored glass, sloping slightly inwards as it rises to the sky. The top is a steeper pyramid. Due to damage over the centuries, a portion of the spire appears to be floating above the sky, as sheathing has fallen away, leaving large holes exposed to the elements. The sole entrance is at the base, a large area that once housed an ornately carved door frame which has long since disappeared.


The Red Spire was originally the centerpiece of a temple complex dedicated to Lathander. It was designed to rival the great temple complex of Canulis. After it’s completion, follower’s of other gods began plans for their own temples in the area to rival the spire. However, none of these plans came to fruition. Lathander’s worshipers maintained a major presence in the city temple complex as well.

The early morning sun was focused through the obelisk, shining down on a statue of the Morninglord sitting in a large throne, which itself was on a glass floor raised above the main sanctuary. The throne and statue were over 25’ tall, gilded and bejeweled as befitting Lathander. Dwarves from the Weathered Wall assisted in crafting the interior steel skeleton of the spire, while artisans from the nearby city of Canulis worked many days and nights creating the huge, thick glass panels to cover it. Each panel was blessed by the priests so as to withstand all that nature might throw at them.

Inside is a stairway leading both up and down. Up rises inside the spire, an ancient spire (555.5’ tall, 55.5’ per side at base, 34.5’ per side at top) with a strange metal frame construction inside, with a stairway leading up, and heavy rose-colored glass panels covering the outside. Many of the panels have fallen or been removed over the centuries. There were apparently five levels inside the building, but the floors of the middle three have rotted away. They seem to have been carted out during the recent exploration. The top level has been reinforced recently and is being used as a lookout. The temple complex to the southeast is visible from here.

The Red Spire

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