Watership Downs

This is the oldest continuously settled city on the Desker River, sitting at the mouth of the river. While it has experienced cataclysmic events as the whole region has, it has always retained some level of population. It is known that for several hundred years after the fall of the previous civilization, it was nothing more than a small trade stop and fishing village.

The noted Academia Magicka is located in the University Plaza.

Notable Laws

It illegal to trade in magically enhanced items within the city. All such items must be traded through the Academia Magicka.

Arcane spellcasters must be licensed by the Academia Magicka in order to practice magic. Provisional licenses are available for students and visitors to the city.

Prominent Businesses

  • Bucklins Adventuring Supplies
  • McGuires Jewelers
  • Marklins Antiquities & Rare Books

Watership Downs

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